October 21,2020

About us 


Les Solutions IP was established in 2008 to provide Canadian companies with choice, and quality local and long distance services in a customer focused, cost effective manner. A 100% Canadian privately held company, les Solutions IP has its headquarters in Montreal.
Our original product offering focused on voice local and long distance service. Today, our product offering has expanded, and offers products, solutions and services that will help you run your business more efficiently, help expand the scope of communications, reduce the risks associated with new technology breakthroughs, leverage our industry expertise to help identify the right solutions for you, with always a close eye to the bottom line, cost.
Les Solutions IP's mission plan has always been:
"Create an organizational culture that will emphasize relation, quality, service, responsiveness and customer satisfaction"
Dealing with customer service will be easier, faster and more effective with Les Solutions IP. There is no bureaucracy. Everything is located in one place. Today, Les Solutions IP provides 24-hour customer service. Les Solutions IP knows that having excellent service and competitive pricing equals a superior product, and that is the name of our game.
Today, Les Solutions IP offers telecom and data services to both corporations and residential customers. Our solutions extend to Canada's largest companies across Canada.